DNA strandsHow can DNA screening help me improve my health?

DNA screening provides comprehensive information about your unique genetic profile. DNA screening investigates the genes that influence your biological pathways and how that may have an impact on your health over the course of your lifetime.

Information on isolated genes is not predictive of disease, it is the combination of genes, environment, diet and lifestyle that dictates health.

This is why we go to great lengths to gather as much information as possible about all the factors that may affect your health in the initial appointment. Time is spent prior to your ‘Report of Findings’ appointment, carefully analysing your genetic results and determining how your current diet and lifestyle may affect your gene expression. You will be provided with practical, easy to understand information on how you can modify your diet and lifestyle according to your individual genetic profile to optimize your health. This one off test provides you with information that you can use throughout your life.

Can DNA screening detect genetic disease?

The type of genetic screening we offer does not diagnose genetic conditions.

How is the DNA sample collected? 

You will be given a saliva sample kit. Once you have provided the sample it is sent straight to the lab for processing.

How long does it take to get my results back?

It takes approximately 4 weeks to receive your Genomic Wellness report once the lab receives your sample.

Can I still access the test if I live outside Sydney?

Yes, we offer Skype appointments to interstate clients wishing to do DNA screening. Click here for further information.

Will I need an appointment?

Yes, you will need to attend two appointments (either in person or via Skype), one prior to doing the test and another, appointment when you receive your results.

What type of information will I need to provide?

In preparation for  your initial appointment you will need to complete a comprehensive online health questionnaire and diet diary prior to your appointment. You will need to bring details of your personal and family health history, any recent pathology results you may have and a list of all you current medications and supplements.

How much does it cost?

DNA testing requires two appointments. In the initial one hours case taking appointment details of your personal and family health history are recorded along with information about your dietary and lifestyle choices. Genes alone are not predictive of disease, it is the combination of genes and environmental factors, including diet and lifestyle factors that dictate health. The information gathered in this first appointment is crucial and  helps us to provide you with the best health advice.

In the second ‘Report of Findings’ appointment (1 hour) you will receive your extensive DNA report complied by the geneticists at Smart DNA, you will also receive your ‘Summary of Recommendations’ report which provides you with easy to understand information and nutritional and lifestyle advice to optimise your health according to your individual DNA expression.

Initial Screening Appointment (1 hour) – $220.00

GenomicsWellness DNA Test (saliva test) – $396.00

* Please note this is paid directly to the lab by filling out your credit card details on the pathology form

DNA Report of Findings Appointment (1 hour) – $220.00

DNA Summary Report  $110.00

Total (including two appointments, full DNA report and summary of recommendations report) – $946.00

What will I receive at my Report of Findings appointment?

You will receive an easy to understand summary of recommendations report based on your DNA screening results that will provide you with information on how you can tailor your diet and lifestyle to suit your genetic profile. You will also receive an electronic copy of your full DNA report.

What other support is available to help me make the most of this information?

Your Summary of recommendations report gives you a range of information to help you make the best health decisions based on your individual genetic information. This focuses on correcting diet and lifestyle choices that may not suit your genetic profile and helping to create healthy habits to optimise your health now and into the future. You may also be prescribed one of our nutrition programs depending on  your needs.

Where is the clinic located?

We are conveniently located a short distance from the Sydney CBD at Harley Place in the heart of Bondi Junction. We are close to the Bondi Junction train station and adjacent to the Westfield shopping centre, where 2 hours free parking is available. Our address is Suite 808, 251 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

How can I make an appointment?

Please contact the clinic on 02 93865163, or alternatively please complete the form below

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