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Leaky Gut


We test everyone who comes to see us for Leaky Gut using a simple urine test that we perform on the spot, in clinic. Leaky gut is an incredibly common condition that is often a driving factor behind many other conditions including, allergies, autoimmune disease, hormonal disruption and weight problems to name a few. The term ‘Leaky gut’ means that the membranes of the digestive tract become open and porous, which lets undigested food, toxins and bacteria pass into the system. This causes significant irritation to the immune system which is always on alert in this area to protect the body. Another common feature of leaky gut is dysbiosis, or the overgrowth of ‘bad’ bacteria in the digestive tract. Bacteria can give off toxins and chemicals which cause the membranes of the digestive tract to become more porous in the first place. Natural medicine offers excellent treatment options for Leaky gut, including herbal antimicrobial treatment, probiotic and prebiotic therapy and nutritional medicine to heal the gut wall. As it is such a strong driving factor in many health conditions we often use Leaky Gut treatment as a starting point in our health protocols.