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How much does DNA testing cost?


DNA testing requires two appointments. In the initial screening appointment (one hour) we gather details of your personal and family health history along with information about your current dietary and lifestyle choices, along with your health goals. A Bioimpedance analysis is also included in this appointment and results help us assess body composition and metabolic health. Genes alone are not predictive of disease, it is the combination of genes and environmental factors, including diet and lifestyle factors that dictate health. The information gathered in this first appointment helps us to clarify your health goals, assess your current health and provide you with personalised health advice.

In the second ‘Report of Findings’ appointment (1 hour) you will receive your extensive DNA report complied by the geneticists at Smart DNA, you will also receive your ‘Summary of Recommendations’ report which provides you with easy to understand information and nutritional and lifestyle advice to optimise your health.

Initial Screening Appointment (1 hour) – $199.00

Genomic Wellness DNA test (saliva test) – $396.00 (this amount is paid directly to the lab)

DNA Report of Findings Appointment (1 hour) – $199.00

DNA Summary Report – $99.00

Total (including two  one hour appointments, full DNA report and Summary of recommendations) – $893.00