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  • Good fat, bad fat

    Good fat, bad fat

    Dietary fat is perhaps one of the most confusing and controversial areas of nutrition for people to navigate. Naturopath Tania Flack makes it easy for you.

  • Eyes right

    Eyes right

    Approximately 90 percent of vision impairment and blindness in Australia is preventable or treatable, according to Vision 2020: The right to sight Australia. This is our first truly national overview … Continue reading

  • A world of pain

    A world of pain

    If you think unrelenting pain through your whole body sounds dreadful, well it is. Imagine waking every morning in pain – even walking hurts. Your pain and exhaustion become overwhelming, … Continue reading

  • Love the skin you’re in

    Love the skin you’re in

    Your skin is a public broadcasting service that provides you, and everyone who sees you, with a window on your health. Naturopath Tania Flack reports. What you eat, how healthy … Continue reading

  • In the fast lane

    In the fast lane

    Fasting has been used since the dawn of time to stimulate healing and purify body, mind and spirit. Fasting is so fundamentally connected with the healing process that both man … Continue reading

  • Understanding PCOS

    Understanding PCOS

    Like a hormonal stealth bomber, PCOS can strike at any stage of a women’s life, and while some women experience symptoms from puberty, other women only experience problems later on … Continue reading