herbal capsuleHerbal medicine remains one of the oldest and most utilized forms of medicine in the world today. Modern herbal medicine has the benefit of evidence based research, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing processes and access to herbal medicines from all over the world.

The recorded use of plants as medicine dates back 5000 years when the Sumarians detailed the well-established medicinal use of laurel, caraway and thyme. Without exception herbs have historically been used as medicine in every different culture in the world, and are still used widely today.


“More than 75% of the world’s population still uses herbal medicine” 

– The World Health Organization


These days, herbal medicine comes in many forms, including tinctures, decoctions, teas, tablets and capsules, making it easy to take and allowing precision dosing.

Plants are used as the base for many well known pharmaceutical medicines including opiates and aspirin for pain relief, digoxin for heart disease and quinone, used to treat malaria. In fact the scientific community spends an extraordinary amount researching the actions of plant constituents in the hope of finding new medicines.

Ginkgo leavesAfter many years of practice as a herbalist I have seen the amazing results herbal medicine can achieve, often being able to address those health conditions that there are just no other treatments for. The profound effect of herbal medicine on hormones and fertility has made my work in those areas a delight, for both myself and my patients – check out the success stories page.

In my past role as a researcher and technical writer for a herbal medicine company I was always reminded, when reviewing the latest research what potent effects herbs can have and how the mix of different constituents in herbs work synergistically to restore balance and improve health. The scientific research confirms the traditional use of herbal medicine and sometimes provides us with valuable information which enriches our knowledge and allows us to use an evidence based approach to treatment.