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The Great Detox Verdict – A Personal Perspective


The great detox verdictIt’s all very well for me to talk about the benefits of detoxification of which there are many, but how does the average person find the experience, and what are benefits in real terms? Earlier this year Guy Lawrence, a Personal Trainer, founder of 180 Nutrition and general fitness guru decided to undertake a 6 week detoxification program. You may wonder why someone who is fit and healthy decided to do a detox, well Guy likened it to putting your car in for a service.

Even if you feel that your diet and lifestyle is good it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are protected against environmental toxins including pesticides and chemicals. Everyone is exposed to toxins on a daily basis, whether it be through the environment, diet or lifestyle. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and processed foods are such a big part of the Australian lifestyle and ultimately add to the toxic load your body has to deal with every day. Generally our body is exceptionally good at dealing with toxins, however over time our ability to rid ourselves of these harmful substances diminishes and detoxifying helps to improve the function of organs responsible for detoxification including the liver, gut and kidneys.

He did have some reservations, “How would the detox effect his training, would he be able to commit to changing his diet for 6 weeks and would he experience any symptoms during his detox? ‘He was also curious to see how the detox would effect his strength and muscle mass and was pleasantly surprised at the end of the 6 week program.

Throughout his detox Guy recorded his progress in a blog. He has recently finished his detox and has given his final verdict on the detox experience. His down to earth approach and interesting observations on its effects on his daily lifestyle and training make for fascinating reading.   Click on the link below to read about his experience

The Detox Verdict