Our clinic provides patients with the latest technology in comprehensive health screening which allows us to get an immediate picture of your health at a cellular level. We may chose from a variety of screening tools and tests, including cellular health analysis, urine tests or blood pressure and heart rate screening.

This allows us to have picture of your current health and get your treatment started as soon as possible. We may recommend further functional pathology testing, if more specific information is required

Cellular Health Screening

We are able to quickly gain an overview of your health at a cellular level using bioimpedance screening. This tells us how well your cells are functioning and indicates how well your body is working as a whole. We are able to identify areas that need support and develop an individualised treatment plan to get the best results.


Iridology is a traditional method used by natural therapists to help identify areas that might require support. Each iris has it’s own unique pattern of fibres, the structure and colour of which is reflective of the strength of tissue integrity throughout the body.


A simple urine test can be preformed in clinic to provide a range of information on the health of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Zinc Assessment

Zinc deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in Australia. Zinc is vital for the immune system, reproductive health and tissue integrity. A simple taste test performed in clinic can assess zinc status and provide on the spot results.

Blood Pressure and heart rate screening

We can monitor your blood pressure and heart rate in clinic quickly and easily.

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